Project Description

Assisted Home Ownership

Home ownership changes every aspect of a family’s life. Owning a home is different from renting. With the home purchase comes the pride of ownership, a sense of belonging and most of all stability. Secure housing improves a family’s well-being and allows the family to stay in a neighbourhood for as long as they want and become an on-going contributor to their community. For those who otherwise would never have been able to buy their own home. In New Zealand, home ownership numbers are decreasing and the costs for owning a home are going up. For many kiwi families an own home remains out of reach. Through the Assisted Home Ownership programme from Habitat, owning a home becomes a reality.

A Brush with Kindness 

Many low income home owners can’t pay for their house maintenance, because they can hardly afford their weekly expenses. Owning a home can be a costly business. What once was affordable may have become unaffordable over time due to reasons such as unemployment, expanding family or rising costs. Habitat’s home repair programme ‘A Brush With Kindness’ (ABWK), helps low income families back on track with their home maintenance. For affordable repayments to the home owner, Habitat carries out the most urgent home repair projects, such as fixing a leaky roof or weather proofing. You can find more information at Habitat for Humanity Invercargill website.

Building Homes, Building Hope!

Te Hanga Kāinga, Hanga Tūmanako!